Miscellaneous model airplanes of my design.† Most, not so successful. L

AutoGiro Ė Spun up nice, but often stopped in flight.† Had enough wing that the rotors were unnecessary drag.


Foam flying wing.†† Flew well enough for indoor flying at Sand Point Naval Stationís largest hangar.†† Had a slight tendency to pitch down abruptly at higher speeds, but it was predictable.†† Successful enough that I built a second one for a friend.† I probably have more hours on this plane than any other save the Wing 400.



Flying wing based loosely on Arup.† NACA Munk 6 airfoil.†† Has tendency to pitch down severely at higher speeds.†† I really want to salvage this design.† Iíve tried shifting the C.G. to an extreme forward position, and stiffening the elevons.†† Both softened the effect of the pitching tendencies, but didnít remove it.†† If anyone has suggestions for what might cause the problem, please email me.†† There is a full height spar that disrupts the airfoil shape a bit (Canít really see it in the photo).† Could that be a factor?


Hard to fly.† Crashed beyond repair on 3rd test flight