Cessna 170 – N5756C

My Cessna 170 isn’t much to look at, but she’s a lot of fly to fly.   I put more than a few hours on her each year.     


September 2009



Finally!   In mid September I got a hangar at Renton.  I’ve been on the waiting list for 4 years.


August 2009

Made a trip to Seaside, OR in August, 2009.    Steve waiting for a taxi.


Steve tired of smiling for the camera.


Lisa captured some pretty cool lenticular clouds over Mt. Rainer on the way to Seaside, OR.


July 2009

My cousin Clinton and his family came for a visit.   It was really nice to see them. We flew to Port Townsend for Breakfast.


June 2009


Cessna 170 club fly-in at Port Townsend.  For information on the club, visit http://www.cessna170.org


May, 2009

Steve takes the controls for the first time.  He prefers abrupt steep turns to the right.



March 2009


David Dunbabin’s first flight in the Cessna 170.   Up up! 


October 2008

Flight over the Olympic Mountains


July 2007

Flying Grandma Peggy up to Camano Island to visit Marie and family.


November 2006

We flew down to Puyallup and had breakfast with Lisa's sister and her family.   Afterwards we went for airplane rides.


November 2005

The airplane survived its first year, and is now undergoing another lengthy annual inspection.  She'll be getting a new windshield, Compass, Directional Gyro, Turn and Bank Indicator, door hinges, door stewards, fuel tank samplers, Rudder bellcrank and tailwheel spring.  Repairs will be made to the brakes, engine cowling, and wing trim.


The last 6 months have been great, we took the airplane to Ocean Shores, the Dalles, McMinnville Museum, Friday Harbour and countless hamburger runs.  


Steve does well in the airplane (pretty much sleeps the whole time).


 well…not all the time.


 Our neighborhood from the air.

 Future pilot.



 Nervous Mom


Our good friend Kelly Adams.



Grandpa Steve

 Neighbor Ralph "Bud" Gaston. July 2005


April 9, 2005

Lisa flew!  We just went over to Bremerton for lunch, but it was a nice flight.


March 26, 2005

The plane is flying great and my father and I are both getting pretty comfortable with it.   We've replaced the tail wheel tire, and we got the navigation lights all working.   We should be able to fly at night, if we're brave enough.   I've made a several short flights to local airport restaurants, but no serious trips.   I haven't convinced Lisa to fly with me yet, but my good friend Mike fearlessly volunteered to be my first passenger.

Does he look nervous?



December 29, 2004

My father and I have both been up a couple times with the instructor and are feeling pretty confident in the plane.  I just need another hour of dual-time before the insurance will cover me.   The plane flies great.  The controls are intuitive and well laid out.   I like the 170 better than any plane I’ve flown.  Here’s a photo of my dad doing stop and goes.  (You don’t get any credit for Touch –n- goes in a taildragger.  They have to be to a full stop)



December 18, 2004

My dad purchased N5756C in July of 2003.  The aircraft had been sitting unused for nearly 10 years, and was not in airworthy condition.   My dad talked me into buying half, and we signed up Tim Boughner (Tim’s Aircraft Repaire), in Port Orchard, WA to get the airplane flying again.   The process took much longer than expected to complete, and required replacement/rebuild of a number of components:



We also invested in new radios, ELT, shoulder harness, oil filter adapter, new air filter, and auto gas STC.   Surprisingly, the old Continental C145 engine ran well, and we think we’ll be able to get a few years out of it before it will need to be overhauled.


Our test pilot, George Kirkish (www.island-air.com), flew the airplane in October of 2004.   Other than needing a bit of trim the plane flew great!  


My dad and I are in the process of getting checked out in the plane now.



Instrument panel with control columns removed.


Control columns and new radios installed.


Still need to install the new carpet


Future pilot


Needs paint badly


New home at Renton Municipal (We need a hanger!)